Vacture (EN)

"The Learning Network offers a challenging and pleasant working environment for your continuous development”

Great place to work

At The Learning Network, you can work meaningfully successfully, in a solution-oriented way, and in a pleasant (physical, social, and virtual) environment. These matters play an important part in our ambition of becoming one of the best employers in the Netherlands. Our core values are Together, Learning, Innovation, and Realization. This entails being an organization where people enjoy their jobs, where they are able to develop, and where they are intrinsically motivated: a great place to work! Click here to see if we currently have a suitable job opening for you.

Van Dijk Academy

We consider personal development and the acquisition of knowledge important. To facilitate your continuous personal development, we have founded the The Learning Network Academy. During the academic season, you can attend various workshops and masterclasses at the The Learning Network Academy – presented by in-house and external staff - and you will have unlimited access to online training courses via Udemy.

Job openings

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