Missie & Visie (EN)

“Each day we help in the development of educational courses”

Our mission

The Learning Network follows the changes in the educational sector of the 21st century and aims to promote the development of customized training programs. In addition to our role as distributor of (digital) learning tools, we continuously develop new and flexible solutions to support students, teachers, school and educational institutions in their learning process. All of which in combination with superior services. We are reliable, solution-oriented and innovative and, every day, we help to develop the educational system further.

Our vision

We want to be the service provider of the Dutch education sector. We do so by taking a positive and active approach, thinking the way our customers do. This way we aim to relieve educational institutions of their trouble and give students the opportunity to get the best out of themselves by providing them with the knowledge and skills that are important for the 21st century. We want to advise and support teachers and school managers on their way towards a personalized learning process for every student. Read here about our vision 2020.