Duurzaam ondernemen (EN)

"We wish to contribute to society in many ways”

Sustainable Business Practice

We are very much committed to socially responsible business practices. Apart from supporting the educational sector during their transformation process, we do more. Each year we join the Roparun and collect a nice sum of money for cancer patients. We also support organizations and initiatives such as the Nederlandse Bach Vereniging, the Spinozalens and the Nationale Denktank. In addition, we have founded de Nederlandse School, providing a development program to professionally qualified teachers.

Environmental awareness

We show our environmental awareness by separating waste products, paper, cardboard, glass, cartridges and toners. Apart from that, we save energy by the economical use of lighting, equipment and computers and, by working digitally, we use less paper. At the workplace, we use as many environmentally friendly and recycled materials as possible. With our suppliers, we have also made agreements regarding environmentally friendly packing materials and the use of paper with the FSC quality mark. But let us not forget that our reason for existence partly lies in the re-use of textbooks!

Sutainable workplace

We like to help disadvantaged people on the labor market by teaching them the required work skills and helping them find a long-term job. It is why we have worked with IMpact for years now. During the high season, the workers of IMpact help us label the textbooks and, as of this autumn, they also take care of our office cleaning.

Edukans Schoenmaatjes

We like to see disadvantaged children in development countries go to school. Each year we support Edukans by receiving and sorting boxes for the Schoenmaatjes project. For this project, Dutch children decorate shoe-boxes and fill them with school materials and toys. This way they get actively engaged in the lives of children in development countries.