Twinkle100 - 7th place for The Learning Network

Every year, Twinkle ranks the top online sellers in the Netherlands according to turnover. The new Twinkle100 lists a total of 250 online product sellers. Together they achieved a total turnover of 11,831,237,000 euros, or 900 euros per adult Dutchman. The bottom runner achieved an online turnover of 6.1 million euros. Last year, the lower limit was still 5.0 million euros. We are doing well at the top of e-commerce in the Netherlands', says Arjan van Oosterhout, editor-in-chief of Twinkle.

The largest 100 online retailers in the Netherlands are being profiled extensively in the Twinkle100. The publication shows, among other things, on which platforms their sites run, where they get their visitors from, how fast their websites load and how many followers they have on social media. Students of the Centre for Market Insights (CMI) of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam inventoried their payment methods, delivery partners, labels and reviews. See the full list at Twinkle100!
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