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You probably remember us. There is a good chance that we made sure you received your school books. Unburdening education and making lifelong learning more fun and better is deeply rooted within our DNA. For over 80 years, we have been the largest educational service provider in the Netherlands. Every year, we deliver more than 12 million study books, 4 million digital licenses and various study materials to secondary, secondary vocational and higher education students.

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Our organisation

We work with more than 350 committed employees spread across our locations in Kampen, Emmen, Amsterdam and Belgium or in one of our five service points in the major student cities. In the summer, another 2.500 students come to do their holiday work with us in Emmen and Kampen. A real summertime rush!


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8263 AE Kampen
The Netherlands


Nieuw Amsterdamsestraat 40
7814 VA Emmen
The Netherlands


Joan Muyskenweg 22
1096 CJ Amsterdam
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The Learning Network Story

The history of the Learning Network dates back to 1927. The young W. C. van Dijk was attending the Reformed Gymnasium in Kampen. He was 13 years old and had just moved to the next grade. The books he no longer needed, he tried to sell at school, and the books he needed in the new year, he bought second-hand. The business of books being exchanged between the gymnasium attendees went well, and his stock grew from a shelf to an office. This is how the Overijssels Boekhuis came to be.


Van Dijk's Boekhuis

W. C. van Dijk opened the first Overijssels Boekhuis shop on the Broederstraat in Kampen. In that time, Van Dijk changed the name of the Overijssels Boekhuis to Van Dijk's Boekhuis. His sons, L. H. van Dijk (Lammert) and J. G. van Dijk (Jan), followed in their father’s footsteps in 1962. In 1963, Van Dijk's Boekhuis was recognised as a new bookshop and the company grew by selling new schoolbooks.


Mammoetwet of 1968

The law on secondary education (Wet op Voortgezet Onderwijs, WVO’) - also called the Mammoth law due to the number of subjects - caused chaos in the market of study books in 1968 and an explosion of new titles. The company responded to this and had second-hand and new books in stock for almost every subject. To process orders faster, the company was considerably automated.


Van Dijk textbooks

In 1993, the Van Dijk family withdrew from the bookshop and succession was found outside the family. Two years later, lump sum financing was introduced in secondary education. The name Van Dijk's Boekhuis was also changed to Van Dijk Studieboeken. The store closed its doors and customers received their order by post from then on.


Launch of the website

In 1997, Van Dijk launched its first website.


Start of major acquisitions, also in Belgium

Since 2003, about 25 companies have been acquired, including De Ruiter & Fanoy, selexyz (now Studystore), Studieboekencentrale, a number of activities of the Lisette Werter Groep (secondary education), IT Department, De Digitale Klas (now Van Dijk Innovatie) and the Belgische StandaardBoekVerhuur (now Studieshop.be). In 2005, Van Dijk Studieboeken was changed to Van Dijk Educatie.


Educational partner

In 2012, Van Dijk Educatie opened a new office building in Kampen. The acquisition of the Studieboekencentrale led to a second large distribution centre in Emmen.


Van Dijk Educatie becomes The Learning Network

Van Dijk Educatie has been taken over by TowerBrook and we are in an even better position to give the digitisation of education a new boost. A new name is also fitting for this new phase and we continue as The Learning Network: a special network of educational brands that is always open to new collaborations with others.

In society

We are happy to contribute to society. For example, we have been conquering the route from Hamburg to Rotterdam through Roparun for six years. With the help of (structural) sponsors, we raise fantastic amounts for charity.
We also support organisations, social initiatives and we help Edukans Schoenmaatjes with our logistics environments in Kampen.

We support


We attach great importance to privacy and actively participate in policy-making bodies at a national level. As a result, we are well aware of the laws and regulations regarding privacy and the requirements that are imposed on our processes and systems.

As an independent educational service provider, we are at the centre of society. That is why we have drawn up our own Code of Conduct. The code of conduct provides guidance on responsible conduct and respect for the well-being, health and safety of others. That is our priority!

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