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Unburdening education and making lifelong learning more fun and better

Space for education and educational innovation is at the centre of our advice andproducts. We help and guide school management and teachers with personal education, (digital) educational resources, devices and its management. That is why it is important that our services closely match the wishes and demands of education.

Our solutions

We want to make it as easy as possible for schools as well as students. This way, there will be more time to learn with pleasure and extra focus on teaching. There is always a team of professionals available for every school and student.

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Learning resource list service

IT Advice

Every day, we work with passion and energy on solutions for education. With a permanent IT team and our own Talent Lab, we design innovative products and we continue to develop our digital platforms with our customers.

Delivery to Belgium

We take great care in compiling and sending out all study packages. Due to a growing cooperation with schools, we will send a record number of packages to Belgian students this summer. Together for a feasible and affordable education!

News updates

Experiences of other schools, a look behind the scenes and information about new services. Our newsletters keep our customers up to date with developments in education.

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