DIgitalisering (EN)

“We are an accelerator for innovation in the educational sector”


From our perspective, the changes in the educational sector are mainly due to increasing digitization and the rise of new interactive and adaptive learning tools. This poses enormous challenges for us. The shift from supplying physical books to supplying ever more digital study materials means a change of status for our services. At the moment, we annually supply 4 million licenses to students. For us this means further investment in security, performance and redundancy.


We want to be in the forefront of new technologies in order to respond to the changes in education. Because it is crucial for our continued support of schools and being able to provide them with the digital solutions that facilitate their personalized learning processes. The Learning Network is actively engaged in the latest developments regarding content, educational technology (EdTech), infrastructure, and training courses, and is so in close cooperation with the innovation group within IT. In addition, we encourage innovations and, for this, we are continuously looking for the best technology partners at home and abroad.

Innovation partner

Due to our enterprising character and our central position as a supplier, we are an accelerator for innovation in the educational sector. The Learning Network wants to be a partner for all players – whether they are individual teachers or new parties – who wish to make a positive contribution to improving education and making learning more efficient and more fun for students. Our Innovation programme allows start-ups to experiment with refreshing ideas for the educational sector, and we make our expertise and network available for this.