van Dijk (EN)

"We support teachers and students during the learning process”

Secondary Education

At, students order their complete package of learning tools and school materials. For secondary schools, VanDijk offers solid solutions, ranging from an internal fund for learning-tools to a facilitated fund for learning tools. With regard to the internal fund for learning tools (“ILF”), the school itself makes the investment and organizes the supply of learning tools. With regard to the external fund for learning tools (ELF) and the facilitated fund for learning tools (GLF) , the delivery of books and licenses is fully taken care of by us. These services may be supplemented by extra options, such as our reader service and school-costs service.

Flexible learning

In addition to their time-honored methods, there is an increasing demand among schools for personal-learning solutions. Hence we offer a purpose-made solution in the form of Flexibel Leren, so that every school can innovate at its own pace and in a suitable way.

Digital education

Digital education, too, requires new solutions. We have developed these solutions in collaboration with schools. For example, by one in-log, students can order and use all their study materials via Digitaal Ontsluiten XP. By means of Tablet4learning, we relieve schools of their burdens during the entire process of introducing digital training programs. And by the training courses of Academy4learning, we support teachers so that they can actually start working with their digital study materials.

Secondary Education in Belgium

We also supply learning tools and licenses to secondary schools in Belgium. By means of our application LML, schools can generate and manage their lists of learning tools on their own. By using these lists of learning tools, the students of the schools can order their learning tools and other school materials on

Mijn Eenvoudig zelf regelen.

We leveren ook leermiddelen en licenties aan scholen in het voortgezet onderwijs in België. De scholen kunnen met onze tool LML zelf hun leermiddelenlijsten aanmaken en beheren. De leerlingen van de scholen bestellen makkelijk en snel via deze leermiddelenlijst hun leermiddelen en overige schoolspullen op