Studers (EN)

“We wish to create a better connection between senior secondary vocational students and the labor market”

Senior Secondary Vocational Education

Via our new brand Studers, we supply textbooks and digital learning tools to students in senior secondary vocational education (“mbo-students”). We aim to facilitate the learning-tools process as much as possible, so that educational institutions and students can focus on what it is really about: providing and enjoying good education.

Our services

Thanks to Leermiddelenlijstservice (our services regarding the list of learning tools), students can always order the correct learning tools in time. Via this online tool, schools for senior vocational education (“mbo-schools”) can conveniently compile and manage their lists of learning tools. All sorts of extras may be added: textbooks, digital study materials, practical-work materials, readers, study costs or own products. Digital study materials are ready to go in Bundle, a platform developed by us for all digital study sources.

Customer excellence

Contacts with schools for senior secondary vocational education (“mbo-schools”) and customer excellence become increasingly important to us. As mbo-students order and pay their learning tools themselves, it is very important to keep costs as low as possible in this student-segment. We offer mbo-students the option of purchasing second-hand books and selling their pre-used books to us. We also want to give mbo-students a better chance of passing their exams and make them fit in better with the labor market. We do so by, for example, facilitating the required extra (ICT) skills, training courses, traineeships, and first-job mediation.