Studystore (EN)

“We wish to give students all they need to study smarter"

University education

We supply textbooks, educational e-books, and study materials to students in higher professional (“hbo”) and university education. We do so via or any of the five campus stores, and through intensive cooperation with schools and students’ associations. We also provide colleges and universities with their own webshops, where students can order their study materials.

Our services

By means of our Leermiddelenlijstservice (our services regarding the list of learning tools), students can always order the correct learning tools in time. Via this online tool, universities for higher professional education (“hbo-schools”) can conveniently compile and manage their lists of learning tools. All sorts of extras may be added: textbooks, digital study materials, practical-work materials, readers, study costs or own products. Digital study materials are ready to go in Bundle, a platform developed by us for all digital study sources.

Customer excellence

Customer excellence becomes increasingly important to us. Our goal is to provide students with everything they need to complete their education successfully. We do so with great success, in cooperation with colleges, universities, and students’ associations. Students receive discounts on their new textbooks and we offer them the option of purchasing second-hand books and selling their pre-used books to us. We also provide for extracts and other tools to allow them to study smarter, support them in finding host organizations for their traineeships, jobs on the side, or student’s rooms.